your photographer, sandy williams

This is your international, award-winning, nominated "Top 5 Best Local" photographer and she is all about making so much more than images for you to love. Sandy works to create an experience of magic, capturing the essence of a moment with a precise understanding of light, love, and laughter. She connects to her subjects with heart and playfulness unmatched, bringing brilliance to every click.


With over fifteen years of shooting experience, her eye is trained for perfection, her heart is geared toward passion, and her business is founded on the unforgettable collaboration of the two. With shooting bases up and down the East Coast as well as overseas, her versatility and eagerness to touch souls with her captures is as evident as her bubbly personality.


Always a spritely influence, Sandy is known to make cozy even the most bashful before the lens and she prides herself on her success in making art of all from the newly born, to the beautifully aged, and everyone in between. When asked what she considers her specialty in the field she laughs and answers with a hearty, "Photography is my speciality." Plain and simple.