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International Photographer

Nominated one of the "Top 5 Best Local Photographers" in her hometown of Richmond, VA, this traveling success made it her goal to have zero photography limits very early in her career. Established in 2010 and since having traversed eight countries as a professional photographer, with client bases in ten of the fifty states, Sandy covers every aspect of photography from fine art portraiture to business branding, landscape, and movement as she stays in close touch with her wanderlust.

"Internationally Published" and "Award Winning" are two of the badges she wears, however modestly. With images displayed in various establishments and across numerous publications the world over, her accomplishments often grace rooms before she does.


Working from the heart to make every moment with her clients saturated with the greatness of her own achievements, Sandy is careful to understand what and who she is capturing. Memorializing her subjects in their own unique lights, her sessions are actively splayed with playfulness, creativity, and passion, moving to the words of the photography great, Diane Arbus, "I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them."

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